Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Power of Forgiveness

There is power in forgiveness.  You can forgive someone who never even asked for forgiveness.  They don’t even have to acknowledge that they did anything to you but you still have the power to forgive.  When forgiveness is talked about, people think that it is something that is given to someone.  No, forgiveness can be used for your personal gain.

How does your forgiveness help you?  It helps you move on.  Why are you still upset and holding a grudge against someone?  Why use your energy for hating someone that you no longer care about?  The best way you can show someone that they aren’t worth your time is forgiving them and moving on.
Whether it is your family member or significant other that is taking up valuable real estate in your head; forgive.  There is something freeing about forgiveness.  You have overcome the hurt and pain that somebody has caused you and now you are free of their spell.

You’ll never move on until you forgive and how will you get to your next journey without steady moving forward?

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