Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Am Still a Black Man

Don’t let my education fool you, I am still a black man.

Don’t let my upbringing fool you, I am still a black man.

Don’t let my political leanings to the right fool you, I am still a black man.

Yes, I’m highly educated, I grew up with both my parents that attended college, sent me to private schools and I attained degrees, my political beliefs are not always hardcore democrat but don’t be confused I’m a proud black man.

No, I don’t identify with being woke or beat my African drum down the streets of protests but don’t be confused when you see me, I am unapologetically a black man.

My eyes have not seen the lynching’s that my great grandparents saw, they didn’t see the Jim Crow south like grandparents saw, they didn’t see the marching and then the murder of Martin or Malcolm.

Uh-oh, I mentioned Malcolm, you’re realizing I am still a black man.  Your face is turning a little red now, not appearing to be a white man.  I said something that made you fearful was it that I was still a black man? 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Power of Forgiveness

There is power in forgiveness.  You can forgive someone who never even asked for forgiveness.  They don’t even have to acknowledge that they did anything to you but you still have the power to forgive.  When forgiveness is talked about, people think that it is something that is given to someone.  No, forgiveness can be used for your personal gain.

How does your forgiveness help you?  It helps you move on.  Why are you still upset and holding a grudge against someone?  Why use your energy for hating someone that you no longer care about?  The best way you can show someone that they aren’t worth your time is forgiving them and moving on.
Whether it is your family member or significant other that is taking up valuable real estate in your head; forgive.  There is something freeing about forgiveness.  You have overcome the hurt and pain that somebody has caused you and now you are free of their spell.

You’ll never move on until you forgive and how will you get to your next journey without steady moving forward?

Monday, May 1, 2017

20 Years Without A Championship: Chicago Bulls Cursed?

City of Chicago
The next NBA season will mark 20 years since the Bulls have won a championship.  I believe the Chicago Bulls are cursed.  At first, I thought the curse was related to the Chicago Bulls six championships under Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.  What a heck of a journey that was.  The Bulls were just too good.  Those last three championships that added Dennis Rodman with Jordan and Pippen just way too fun for the fans but what about the Celtics and Lakers?  They had great championship teams in the past and were never cursed.

What if the Bulls are cursed because of the way they treated Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and their Coach Phil Jackson?  Remember when the Bulls organization dismantle the team.  It was a shocking end to a dynasty team.  Twenty years the Bulls have been rebuilding.  So many players have passed through the doors held as the savior of the team. Elton Brand, Eddy Curry, Jay Williams, and Derrick Rose have all been considered as the one at one point in time.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Listen: Tamar Braxton - MY Man & Review

Tamar Braxton is at her best vocally on “My Man”, a slow burner detailing her parents’ breakup.  She is real and soulful on her newest single released on her own Tamartian Land Records.

From watching her Reality Show, I know Tamar likes to pop it and drop it but she is at her best on ballads.  She delivers in love songs as well as woman scorn songs in a ballad format.

Well done Tamar!

Spring Cleaning: Old Technology Isn't Like Old Clothes

An Old Microwave and Oven in my current kitchen

While doing some deep cleaning around my house, I notice technology moves fast. Who would have thought that my Palm Pilot would be dated technology? That Dreamcast gaming system that I purchased on credit would be looked down upon like a joke? My iPhone is capable of doing everything and more than my Palm Pilot could do and the Dreamcast really never stood a chance (it can’t even read DVD’s and every gaming system needs to read those, right?). I offered the Dreamcast on twitter once and I had a winning bidder; the garbage can took it for the price of nothing. The Palm Pilot is something I can’t bare to split with at the moment because I remember saving for that while working a summer job.

Another piece of technology that I can’t seem to part with is my CD collection. I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to part with the cases. Even though I have everything and more on my computers and iPhone. I’m holding on to those CD’s like they are precious gold. A friend recently asked me why did I have CD’s when I have a massive collection of digital music. All I could say was: “I don’t know but I’m keeping them.”

Old technology isn’t like old clothes; there is no place I can donate that Dreamcast or my CD collection. You can even sometimes find friends or family members that want your old clothes but your old technology? Forget about it! Nobody wants these CD’s just like I don’t want anybody’s collection of 8-track tapes.

Do you have old technology that you can’t part with? Please share your story in the comment section. Maybe you know of a drop off box for my old technology (besides the dumpster) I’m open to suggestions.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Half a Million Starter Home

Photo Credit: Realtor.com

$500,000 starter home in Chicago, IL Lincoln Park neighborhood.  Lincoln Park is a great neighborhood and if you can afford it, this home can be yours. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  It's tastefully done and move in ready. Check the listing here: www.realtor.com
Photo Credit: Realtor.com

Photo Credit: Realtor.com

My Grad School Journey

The last time I wrote about grad school was last year when I was one course away from completing.  Just a few months later in June, I walked across that stage and received my degree.  It was a joyous occasion but that road getting to that stage was hard.

Working a full-time job and going to school was the easy part.  Getting the news that your father was seriously ill and in the hospital.  That’s the hard part.  I like to jump to the good news.  After several months in the hospital, my father is home and well.  However, during that time the doctors had told my family to prepare for death. 

If you have never seen a miracle, take a look at my dad.  He’s a walking miracle and proof of the power of God!

While working, attending grad school, I would also visit the hospital almost daily except for the nights I had school and every other weekend.  If you are in grad school, just keep pushing towards your dreams!  Don’t let anything stop you from achieving what you set out for.